Downtown Dance Collective

For 13 years, we happily called Main Street Missoula our home.  We loved the LaFlesch Building for its history (the original site of Western Montana Publishing, a brothel and a bar!) and for its location in the heART of Missoula's vibrant downtown.  Sadly, the building was sold and suddenly, in April of last year, the earthly possessions of the DDC were in a storage unit.

This last year, has been heartbreaking in so many ways, as we all know.  But for the DDC, it was incredibly difficult to walk away from that beautiful space that had so much love and community poured into it without so much as a dance party.  I mourn the loss still, but now, I'm able to focus on the all the wonder and magic that was created there and cherish those memories like treasures in a chest.  

I have plans for the future and will eventually share those but for now, DDCv.2 takes it place.  What is DDCv.2?  An information hub.  If you have dance needs, I will help you find the right place and teacher for you.  I am personally available for private lessons and very small group classes.  I have a small space I am working out of that is super sweet and perfect for now.  I am excited to dance for joy, connection and release.  


For 13 years, our tagline has been Every Body, Every Ability, but I mean that now more than ever.  The arts will save our souls and our sanity.  Movement and music will deliver us to a greater good.  Together, with the arts as our tool, we can unlock and untether our spirits and lift them with laughter and joy.  


Join me if you would like.  I sure do miss you all.




Photo Credit Buffalo James Photography - Crack and Yolk - Bare Bait Dance Company - 2011